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helping you every step of the way

helping you every step of the way

Film Production & Clearance

We help you navigate the legal side of getting your work into the world, so that you can focus on the creative, recognizing the importance of securing the necessary third party releases and licenses so that you can get Errors and Omissions coverage. We represent and advise you from the start of an idea through distribution, including securing life rights and underlying rights, the formation of single purpose entities and financing, crew agreements, appearance releases, and clearance of content. We also advise on your first amendment rights, as well as rights of privacy, the right of publicity and defamation that may come up on your project.

Fair Use

Under the “fair use” doctrine, you may make limited use of another’s copyrighted work without asking for permission or paying a licensing fee. This concept is especially important to your first amendment rights to tell your story your way. We work closely with you to ensure that unlicensed material falls within the guidelines of the fair use doctrine. Our great relationship with brokers and insurance companies allows us to work closely with them to help you get the coverage you need for distribution.

Small Businesses

Whether you’re starting a business or have been in operation for years, we can provide the advice, guidance and services you need to achieve and sustain profitability and reduce risk. We have helped hundreds of small businesses establish and maintain their legal structure, as partnerships, limited liability companies, or corporations.

Estate Planning

Peace of mind. A well-designed estate plan provides this by detailing your wishes regarding your assets, personal care, and the care of your children if you become incapacitated and after your death. You control the most crucial decisions regarding your end-of-life care, the disposition of your real and personal property, and the well-being of those closest to you. At Focus Media Law Group, we have the experience and expertise to advise our clients on a range of estate planning strategies, from the simplest to the most complex, all with an eye toward reducing client and beneficiary costs. We will prepare a suite of documents tailored to your and family’s unique needs, which generally include a revocable (living) trust or will, Advance Healthcare Directive and Durable Power of Attorney.

Probate and Trust Administration

After a loved one passes, there can be many challenges in settling their estate, whether through a court-supervised probate or administration of a trust. Probate is governed by complex rules and deadlines requiring strict compliance. Our attorneys guide and advise personal representatives and trustees as they navigate the gathering of assets, payments to creditors and the distribution of funds or property to beneficiaries, making the process as efficient and cost-effective as possible.

Non-Profit Organizations

Non-profits occupy a unique position as institutions driven by their mission, services and community impact rather than their bottom line. Like for-profit businesses, nonprofits are governed by federal and state laws that govern their establishment and operation and are more closely regulated if they are tax-exempt. Focus Media Law Group has helped launch hundreds of nonprofits and advises a wide range of California nonprofits doing work in the film arts, visual arts, conservation of land and resources, documentary and educational filmmaking.

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