Karen Shatzkin

of Counsel

Karen has worked on legal issues relating to documentary films and television productions for forty years, primarily on behalf of independent production companies and filmmakers.  She has vetted films pre-release; negotiated contracts with creative personnel, film subjects and distributors; and responded to claims against filmmakers. A partial list of projects on which she has worked appears at imdb.com

Following graduation from Columbia Law School, Ms. Shatzkin clerked in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York.  Before closing her New York firm Shatzkin & Mayer, P.C., Ms. Shatzkin had an active civil litigation practice, in addition to her transactional work in film and other creative fields ranging from fashion to book publishing.  She taught a seminar on trial practice as an adjunct faculty member at Columbia Law School for many years, regularly guest lectured to graduate documentary degree students, and has served on numerous panels on legal topics for both filmmakers and media attorneys.

212.662.3487 x318

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